3 Ways Teletherapy Can Support Your On-Site SLP Team

Your special education team is made up of some of the most talented, hardest-working educators in your schools. Maybe anywhere. But burnout is real and, from time to time, even the best teams need a little relief.


Teletherapy represents a great way to support your team, without compromising on quality, or the added expense of another full-time headcount. Here are a few ways that the right teletherapy partner can support your special education team and help keep them fresh for the challenges ahead.

1. By offsetting heavy caseloads

This time of year, demands for Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) are at their highest. But these documents take time to write, and it doesn’t take long for caseloads to pile up. A good teletherapy partner will step in where your team needs them to perform evaluations, submit paperwork and provide deadline support.

2. By giving team members a break — and, possibly, a vacation

Your team works hard. But even if they’ve earned or require time off, many won’t feel good about taking it. That’s because they won’t want to leave you short-handed. A good teletherapy partner helps you prepare for planned, and unplanned, staff absences by confidently filling in the personnel gaps, while giving team members well-deserved time off to reset, so you can finish the year strong.  

3. By providing a stronger response to intervention

To give students the support they need, you first have to identify where they need help. A good RTI process ensures special education students receive targeted instruction when and where they need it. The right teletherapy partner can help you deliver interventions without disruptions to the broader classroom setting, getting students caught up with the delivery of personalized online therapy or instruction. 

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Lisa Moore M.S. CCC-SLP, Director of Clinical Operations

Lisa serves as the Director of Clinical Operations at TeleTeachers. She has over 13 years school-based SLP experience. For the past 8 years, Lisa has worked within the teletherapy environment diagnosing and treating school-aged students in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, and South Carolina. She has been a Supervisor of SLPs and support to Special Education Directors and educational staff nationwide in creating and growing effective teletherapy programs.